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About us

    Henan Jiyuan Brother Material Co., Ltd, was founded in 1998, it is National-Level Hi-Tech Company, and certified by ISO9001:2008,we are the drafting unit of National Standard of Testing of HV Hardness of Alumina Ceramic , Technology Researching Center of Jiyuan City, and Base of Jiyuan Researching and Development.

    We have an output of 15000 tons α-alumina powders and 1500 tons alumina ceramic. We are a company which produce from coarse powder calcining, micro powder production, ceramic powder production, ceramic production one-stop service company.




      Our company was named as the Research and Development Base by the people's government of Jiyuan, and established a long-term cooperation with a number of well-known domestic institut, keeping our products and technology continuous Innovation. At present, we have more than 20 items of provincial technological project, 5 items of high-tech products, and 9 patents. Our original created technology of low temperature sintering ceramic and high performance 99% alumina ceramics are the leading level in domestic market, we are also the leading and manufacturer of the armor ceramics in China.

      Our scientific business concept and humanized management brought up a number of innovative, devotion, passionate and high quality staff, and help the enterprise promote and develop rapidly. The Company is voted as the Jiyuan science and technology advanced enterprise, tax advanced unit, advanced unit of helping the disabled and the students, etc. As the member unit of China Refractory Industry Association, China Electronic Materials Industry Association, and the drafting unit of National Standard of Testing of HV Hardness of Alumina Ceramic, we have the leading influential not only in the industry, but also in the society.